FX Permutator is a premium script for REAPER.
Instantly create unique fx chains from collections of your plugins

Recent Update - v1.1

  • Added support for REAPER 7.0 (Reapack users just need to do: Extensions -> ReaPack -> Synchronize)
  • Enabled HiDPI support and additional support for other high-resolution screens
  • Directory picker now uses native UI on Windows operating systems
  • Double-clicking on SFX names will now quickly add/remove them from your selection
  • Added an Alert Banner to let you know about future important updates
  • Additional general UI and UX improvements
  • Users can now run a track without selecting it first if there’s only a single track available
  • Updated Twitter link to go to our proper account – – give us a follow to stay up to date on future updates!

FX Permutator - General Features

  • Create and store collections of plugins
  • Apply plugin collections to tracks
  • Randomized Plugin presets
  • Randomized Plugin parameters
  • Randomized Plugin slot location (FX chain order)
  • Easily render created FX Permutator tracks with created regions
  • Save interesting FX chains and share
  • Windows – x32/x64
  • MacOS – x32/x64  ARM64
  • Linux – x32/x64 ARM32/ARM64

Learn More About FX Permutator

Ready to start permutating and get more out of your plugins? Our getting started documentation is a great source to learn the features of FX Permutator.  FX Permutator can also be imported into Reaper via ReaPack.

Power Up Your FX Plugins With Our Preset Repository

Many of your favorite plugins might not have presets that are accessible to FX Permutator. These typically show up as “VST built-in programs” or “User Presets”. For this reason, we have created a growing repository of free user presets that you can easily import. Make sure you select the right version and VST type for your desired plugin. (x32, x64, VST, VST3 etc)